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Muay Thai is the most famous fighting sport/Martial Art from Thailand.  It is known for its powerful striking technique, deep respect for the roots and traditions of the past, and for its extremely effective conditioning methods. Muay Thai has a deep, rich history, both in its sport form, and as a method of self defense.  Like many martial arts, Muay Thai originated as an unarmed combat method used by soldiers in ancient Thailand.  Eventually, the fighting art was expanded from the battlefield into a sport format. Later was borrowed from western boxing, and led to the ushering of the modern era of the sport.

Our Muay Thai program has a great combination of technique and grit. With our instructors focusing on correct technique, we also get ample time with sparing and conditioning. We have members from all areas of life. Some with Muay Thai or fighting backgrounds, and some that starting Muay Thai when we began our program. This makes for a great mix of training partners in class. We look forward to seeing in class!

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